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Poliport is Among The Leading Independent Chemical Storage Terminals At Kocaeli Port.

Poliport was founded in 1971 in Dilovası, where Polisan Holding facilities are located, in an attempt to provide bulk liquid services. With its jetty, pier, embarkment, and warehousing facilities, Poliport is one of the largest ports, and the closest to İstanbul on the Anatolian side. Poliport is an independent liquid and chemical storage terminal, which does not carry out merchandising, but gives storage and handling services for the products of third parties. Out of 34, only 9 port facilities at Kocaeli Port (Poliport, Solventaş, Limaş, Efesan, Evyap, Yılport, Rota, Safi, Autoport) serve third parties.

Poliport has 3 main operational activities:


1. BULK LIQUID STORAGE SERVICES: The jetty at the bulk liquid storage terminal has 250-meter length, 12-meter width, and a 10.5 to 13.5-meter draft, which can accommodate 4 vessels of up to 40,000 DWT at one time. The terminal has 165 storage tanks made of carbon steel or stainless steel with capacities ranging from 100 cubic meters to 6,200 cubic meters. According to the properties of stored chemicals, tanks have specific features such as heating, epoxy cracking, nitrogen sheet, and gas return circuit. Product transfers are carried out with 35 product transfer lines running from the tanks of different sizes at the plant to the four jetty manifolds. There are gas return circuits and scrubber systems for the loading and unloading operations of special products.

Annual handling capacity of the terminal: 2.5 million tons

Bulk liquid storage capacity: 237,000 m³

2. DRY CARGO & GENERAL CARGO SERVICES At the dry bulk pier, the piers and ports are 730 meters long and 40 meters wide. For loading and unloading processes, the port is equipped with 8 electric cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 6 tons to 124 tons, loaders and forklifts of various capacities, and lifting attachments for various loads. Poliport has the capacity to service 6 ships at one time with water depths ranging from 12 to 24 meters. Poliport has the capacity to serve 1,500 ships per year.

Dry bulk handling capacity: 5 million tons

3. WAREHOUSE SERVICES: In addition to flammable products, a wide variety of products, including general cargo such as all types of packed, non-packed, ferrous, non-ferrous, hazardous material, and metal and mining products are stored at the warehouses. The terminal area has a customs zone and is eligible for import and a full spectrum of transit trade practices. The opportunity to track the inventory and delivery of the products stored in A Type General Warehouses is provided on the website.

Warehouse services are being carried out on an open and closed area of 43,250 square meters.