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Polisan Tarım Targets Laying out Turkey’s Largest Walnut Gardens on 10,000 Decare Land.

In recent years, significant investments are being realized in Turkey's agriculture and stockbreeding sectors. However, Polisan Holding discovered that there remains a major number of agricultural products on Turkey’s portfolio of imported items, despite its suitable landscape, and decided to invest in the agriculture industry. Founded in 2010, the business activity of Polisan Tarımsal Üretim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“Polisan Tarım”) is to plant, produce, buy, and sell all kinds of organic and natural products; to obtain fresh and dry foods from all kinds of agricultural products; to breed all types of animals; and to provide technology and consulting services on all kinds of agricultural issues and to audit projects and investments. Polisan Tarım targets the implementation of the best agricultural practices by initially finalizing the preparation of the land.

After having received Seedling Producer Certification from the Kocaeli Directorate of Agriculture in 2011, Polisan Tarım grew walnut seedlings on its plantations.


Polisan Tarım continues to buy land from feasible ecologies in an attempt to lay out the biggest closed walnut gardens in Turkey. Polisan Tarım aims to establish exemplary gardens using the drip irrigation system where modern agricultural technologies are implemented (such as machine harvest, desiccation, etc.); to lead the agricultural sector with closed walnut gardens, and to contribute to the Turkish economy by realizing production on an industrial scale. Polisan Tarım aims to establish a plantation on total land of 10,000 decares in Balıkesir. The Company continues walnut plantation studies on the 4.4 million square meter agricultural land, purchased in Balıkesir thus far.


Polisan Tarım aims to engage in olive cultivation on the 2.5 million square meter land in Karacasu, purchased in previous years, and carries out land preparation studies for this purpose.


Polisan Tarım conducts breeding studies with the cooperation of the Ataturk University Faculty of Agriculture since 2016;

  • To expand and promote Stevia agriculture in our country as an alternative and healthy solution in the face of rapidly increasing diseases due to sugar consumption.
  • To develop and register a 100% domestic species containing high useful glycoside, which can be used in Stevia agriculture.
  • To provide registered and high quality raw material to all the parties processing Stevia.

Liquidation in progress as of April 16, 2019.