Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

The Human Resources Department was set up to find trained expert or potentially expert people in harmony with the Polisan business culture, making them part of our organization and retaining them by ensuring their development through continuous training in line with the company’s growth strategies.

Our goal is to keep employee satisfaction high by creating an effective and motivated organization through proactive Human Resources activities and to perform all Human Resources functions in the most accurate and efficient manner.


Our companies’ human resources needs are determined in accordance with the short- and long-term strategic goals of the holding. In the recruitment process, we want to acquire human resources with a high level of education who are open to innovation and change and who can adopt the organization’s values. Employees are selected based on compliance with the holding’s competencies and sectoral conditions from the candidates that have the potential for development.

Management through Goals and Performance Evaluation

In order to achieve the holding’s targets and carry out its strategies, the individual performance of employees is managed and annual performance targets are set for each employee. For this purpose, the contribution of employees to business results and the development of their competencies are measured each year. At the end of the evaluation process, employees with high potential are discovered. Whether an individual will be nominated for different assignments within the framework of their personal career plans is based on their performance.

Career Planning

One of our most important goals is to fill managerial positions with high-potential employees who can adopt Polisan Holding’s vision, mission and values. At the end of the performance reviews, employees can define and manage their own career planning with their managers. Promotion depends on the prerequisites of the position for promotion in accordance with the needs of the company and for individual to have the necessary skills, experience and competencies for the respective position and to display high performance.


At Polisan Holding, in parallel with the objectives of our companies, we aim to carry out training and development programs to increase the efficiency of our employees and to develop our future management resources who can accommodate change. Moreover, these training programs are offered continuously to ensure an employee profile with high levels of awareness concerning Occupational Health, Occupational Safety and Environmental issues and zero work accident targets.


Salaries are determined according to individual competencies and market conditions. Salary increases are made once a year in January considering performance and market conditions.