Our Projects

Polisan Holding, takes active part in management of grenhouse gases in all three main fields of activity since 2012: Polisan Kansai Paint, Polisan Chemical and Poliport Chemical. Our climate change fighting activities are ongoing with the principles of "measure, reduce, offset". All of our studies regarding climate change in our fields of activity are in compliance with ISO 14064-1 Standard and Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) "Calculation and Reporting Standards". We measure our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions according to these standards and we are starting to include our Scope 3 emissions too.

Polisan Holding Carbon Footprint Management
Polisan Kimya CDP GHG Verification Statement

We have various solutions against current and potential risks associated with climate change such as Energy Efficiency Projects, Green Building Systems, Carbon and Water Footprint, Emission Treatment Systems, Sealed Loading Systems, Tank Maintenance and Environmental Product Declarations. We have raised our CDP performance to upper levels in the 2021 declaration by conducting a detailed analysis of our Risk Management, Opportunity Realization Costs and Potential Financial Impact Dimensions and improving our corporate target process.

Click for Polisan Holding Carbon Disclosure Project 2020 Climate Change Program Evaluation Result.

Click for Polisan Holding Carbon Disclosure Project 2020 Water Security Program Evaluation Result.

Category Scores 2018 2019 2020 2021
Value chain engagement D D- C- C-
Targets D C C- C
Scope 3 emissions D- D- D C
Scope 1 & 2 emissions D D C C
Risk management processes D C C B
Risk disclosure D C C B
Opportunity Disclosure D C- C B
Governance D C C A-
Energy D C C- C
Emissions reduction initiatives D D C D
Business impact & financial planning D D C C

Category Scores 2018 2019 2020 2021
Water-related risk exposure C C C- C
Water-related opportunities C B- C- B
Water risk assessment C C C B-
Water policies C B- C C
Water accounting C D C C
Value chain engagement C B- C B
Targets and goals C C C B
Integrated approaches C C C C
Governance C B- C B
Business strategy C D D D
Business impacts C B C A

According to the results of the evaluation made by Sabancı University Corporate Management Forum and Deloitte

Click for Polisan Holding Carbon Disclosure Project 2020 Climate Change Program Evaluation Result.

Click for Polisan Holding Carbon Disclosure Project 2020 Water Security Program Evaluation Result.

Click for Polisan Holding Carbon Disclosure Project 2019 Climate Change Program Evaluation Result.

Click for Polisan Holding Carbon Disclosure Project 2019 Water Security Program Evaluation Result.

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Click for Polisan Holding Carbon Disclosure Project 2018 Water Security Program Evaluation Result.

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CDP Program based in United Kingdom is a reporting system which allows the companies that are coordinated by Sabancı University in our country, provinces, states and counties to measure and measure their environmental impacts. The program has a systematic and comprehensive corporate databank which is recognized as one of the most prestigious and widespread environment initiatives that contain environmental information on global scope, with the support of the stakeholders and investors. In this respect, it is a platform which is the most referred by investors while making their investment decisions, in the environmental performance field.

As Polisan, we participated in the program in January 2017 since it is parallel with our corporate sustainability strategy and presented our report which includes our performance under headings of Emission Management, Governance and Strategy, Management of Risks and Opportunities. These reports are accessible upon request of our partners, stakeholders, customers and all other concerned parties.

As a result of evaluations, Polisan Holding was

  • one of the 44 companies which were entitled to be listed in BİST Sustainability Index in the period of November 2017 - October 2018
  • one of the 50 companies which were entitled to be listed in BİST Sustainability Index in the period of November 2018 - October 2019
  • one of the 56 companies which were entitled to be listed in BİST Sustainability Index in the period of November 2019 - October 2020.
  • one of the 58 companies which were entitled to be listed in BİST Sustainability Index in the period of December 2020 - October 2021.

In the recent years, stock exchanges are creating sustainability platforms which guide the companies with regard to the risks in environmental, social, corporate management aspects and communicate information regarding sustainability policies of the companies to responsible investors. Established by Borsa İstanbul with this purpose, BIST Sustainability Index is a platform where companies are included according to their performances in subjects of environment, climate change, biodiversity, human rights, structure of board of directors, fighting against bribery, supply chain, occupational health and safety. Evaluation is carried out in the name of Borsa İstanbul by a London-based independent research company named Ethical Investment Research Services Limited (EIRIS) according to international sustainability criteria. EIRIS evaluates all of the companies listed in BIST 50 and the volunteering companies listed in BIST 100.

In line with our commitments of improving the lives of the public and our customers by offering high quality, environmentally friendly, healthy products and services, complying with technology and quality, health, safety and environmental conditions as included in our policies, we participated in the program by undersigning Responsible Care Commitment with our Polisan Paint, Poliport Chemical and Polisan Chemical companies. We are carrying out studies compliant with this program implemented on subjects of Occupational Health and Safety, Protection of Environment and Technical Safety throughout the world by Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association (TKSD).
Polisan Kansai Paint GEBKİM Production and Storage Facility obtained LEED Gold Certification and has became one of the 23 LEED-certified production facilities in Turkey.
Polisan Kansai LEED Gold Certificate

Our Certificates

As Polisan Kansai Boya, in 2016 we received our first-ever Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificates, independently approved according to ISO 14025 Standard and EN 15804 Norm, by conducting these assessments on 4 products. Thus, Polisan Kansai Boya became the first-ever Turkish paint manufacturer and the 3rd company in the paint manufacturing industry in Europe to be registered in the ECO Platform, which was established by Construction Products Europe and publishes the EPD-certified construction products that comply with the EN 15804 Norm in Europe.

According to EPD regulations, the certificates must be renewed whenever a change occurs in the location of the manufacturer's site and its operations. In 2019, we renewed our Type III environmental labels (EPD) based on the energy and environmental aspects of our new paint factory which is equipped with Industry 4.0-compatible technologies and located at GEBKİM. We analyzed the environmental aspects of our products across their full lifecycles from procurement of raw materials to customer delivery. Our certificates, verified by a third-party independent organization, have been published in the International EPD System and EPD Turkey databases. These certificates, which also provide us with a competitive advantage in green building-certified project tenders, are valid until 23.02.2025.

This became the first-ever EPD work prepared according to the new version of the European Construction Materials Norm in Europe and Turkey.

Our AdBlue© product minimizes air pollution, resource utilization, and consequently the impact of climate change by reducing NOx exhaust gas emissions by 80% and offering savings at the rate of 4% in diesel consumption.

Polisan Chemical which is one of the companies of the group has been the largest manufacturer and dealer of AdBlue product which is obligatory for use in trucks, buses, construction vehicles and light commercial vehicles and used for converting harmful exhaust gases into water vapor and inert nitrogen, in Turkey since 2010.

Assessment of impacts of industrial activities on biodiversity plays a key role for protection of biodiversity in terms of environmental sustainability.

As Polisan Holding, aspects regarding biodiversity are evaluated in all of our projects and capacity increases pursuant to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulation.

Our plant in Dilova district of Kocaeli province is situated within organized industrial estate; location and impact area of our plant is now within "Areas to be Protected Pursuant to Our National Legislation", "Areas to be Protected Pursuant to International Conventions that Our Country is a Party of " and "Susceptible Areas" as specified in EIA Regulation. Therefore, we currently have not made an attempt to prepare biodiversity action plan (BAP) or initiate biodiversity with any non-government organization or any specialist and/or institution concerned with the subject. However, our company planted 100,000 trees by spending TL 20 Million within frame of "Forestation Law" on a land of 2000 decares which is taken over from Ministry of Forestry for a period of 49 for protection purposes with the intent of developing the local ecosystems. Also, our company contributes to the preservation of biodiversity through effective management of environmental aspects such as natural resource efficiency, waste, waste water, emission etc.

We support WWF-Turkey’s “Life of Turkey” Campaign to protect biodiversity

We, as Polisan Kansai Boya, support WWF-Turkey’s “Turkey’s Life Campaign”. Our donation helps WWF-Turkey to raise funds to support local conservation projects which aim to protect wildlife and species under threat in Anatolia.

Certificate of Participation

For detail information: www.turkiyenincani.org

Our Performance in 2019

Our company was entitled to rank at the Gold Recognition Level. This is in the best 5% tranche among the companies evaluated on the platform.

Our Performance in 2018

Our company was entitled to rank at the Silver Recognition Level. This is in the best 30% tranche among the companies evaluated on the platform, and in the best 10% tranche in its industry.

In April 2018, Poliport Kimya received an invitation through the TfS (Together for Sustainability)* initiative to participate in the EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment, and accordingly the company has been assessed in 21 criteria under the headings of Environment, Social, Ethical and Sustainable Procurement. These criteria are based on international standards such as the UN Global Compact, Labor Organization (ILO) Agreement, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard, Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES) Roadmap and the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.

The Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative was established in 2011 to assess and improve the sustainability practices of the chemical industry supply chain. The initiative, which has a total of 21 founding members as of 2018, cooperates with the EcoVadis rating platform to create a global audit program.

We strongly believe that our long-term development and stability in the sectors we have been operating in for over half a century as the Polisan Holding family is a direct consequence of our informed approach to sustainability issues. Because we adopt a proactive approach in providing solutions to environmental problems such as climate change, depletion of natural resources, and to social issues such as human rights violations, we minimize the potential risks the company is likely to encounter in the coming years while we also achieve economic development.

As Polisan Holding, we signed the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2018 as an important source of information for us.

We take the principles of human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption in the scope of the Convention as a guide in our own operations as well as in our supplier evaluation processes and we carry out our activities with the awareness of these 10 principles.

Poliport Kimya has been a member of Clean Sea Association / TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association) in 2018 to support the protection of seas, coasts and water resources.
TURMEPA Certificate of Thanks