Sustainability Journey

As Polisan Holding family, we are continuing our efforts by adopting the principles of transparency, equitability, responsibility and accountability by being open to the public since 2012 in the sectors which we have been operating for more than half century. In this respect, we are sharing the economic performance of the company and market presence with our stakeholders through annual activity reports.

Our sustainability approach has become an integral part of our corporate strategy for dealing with environmental and social issues which threaten our world by maintaining economical profitability of all of our stakeholders. Our Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) compliant Sustainability Reports which focus on our environmental, social and economic performance, our studies for dealing with climatic change, energy efficiency studies, product life cycle assessments, management systems studies and corporate social responsibility projects are each a reflection of our strategy.

Our Corporate Sustainability Management Structure

Senior management of the Holding and group companies regularly monitor reports that include sustainability performance results such as the progress reports of sustainability projects, and natural resource consumption and audit reports.

We discuss sustainable business models, best available practices and potential actions for our development areas at our Sustainability Circle Sessions. We conduct these meetings with the participation of the teams that manage all main and support processes, including the R&D, sales, human resources and project and investment departments.

Every year, we seek the opinions of our stakeholders through the call center and online surveys as part of our stakeholder dialogue, and we prioritize our sustainability efforts accordingly.

Our Management Systems and Sustainability Directorate, whose foundations were laid in 2016, leads the sustainability reporting and projects carried out with national and international initiatives in this field. Our Directorate regularly shares the progress of the activities carried out with the CEO in the monthly activity reports.