Our Management Systems

As Polisan Holding, we manage our information systems pursuant to the requirements of ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Standards in order to eliminate any kind of risk which may arise in terms of privacy, integrity, useability concerning our business continuity and information assets..

We raise awareness with all of our key stakeholders and primarily with our employees with the consciousness that information security can ensured not only not only as the responsibility of the information technology personnel but also through participation of all of the employees and we follow up the outcomes.

As Polisan Holding, we implement proactive energy management systems within our sustainability principle in all of production and service activities.

We encourage the best practices for energy efficiency in our companies and we ensure continuity of awareness on this matter by reinforcing energy management behaviors. We strive to identify improvement opportunities with the purpose of developing our energy performance, we keep energy consumptions under control and carry out our efficiency studies by taking the calculated energy criticality levels as basis.

We ensure its traceability by giving place to examples of our energy efficiency studies and the details of the benefits realized with these studies, in our Sustainability Reports released annually.